The Matayoshi Kobudo style is one of the most well known and respected weaponry systems around the world. The system is based on knowledge compiled by several generations of the Matayoshi Family. The importance of the Matayoshi Kobudo system is easy to see as the influence that the school has had over many other weapon styles around the world.

Even though nowadays there are many organizations that claim to be teaching Matayoshi Kobudo, the Kodokan Dojo is the only organization in the world that represents the true soul of Matayoshi Sensei since until today still is being run by the Matayoshi Family.

Sanguinetti Sensei, as the highest ranked instructor outside Japan in the Kodokan organization worldwide, not only is dedicated to spread the art of Matayoshi Sensei around the world but also to provide with membership to those interested to become a part of the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan organization around the world.

To apply for membership with the Kodokan organization through Sanguinetti Sensei please click here.

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