Sanguinetti Sensei's understanding of the meaning of a 'Dojo Family' is clearly reflected in the way that the Bushikan Dojo is run on a daily basis. For him a Dojo should be a place where the practitioner comes to find something special in their lives; a place where parents find a strong support to the upbringing of their children; a place where parents know that adults at the Dojo will really be a role model for their children; a place where adults will find a real family. With this in mind and his own strong family upbringing Sanguinetti Sensei strives to maintain many activities outside of regular daily classes to create a real family environment for the students and their families. Among some of them:

  • Annual Gasshuku's
  • Dojo Sleep Over
  • Summer Camps
  • Students Birthday Parties
  • Dojo Seasonal Parties
  • Private Lessons


or the closest representation known in the western world as Camps, are promoted by Sanguinetti Sensei locally in our Dojo in San Marcos three or four days long each, every year . He usually conducts two Annual Gasshuku's in Kobudo, one Gasshuku in Karate and one Special Karate Seminar per year. These kinds of events not only allow participants to develop more skilful techniques of the art practiced, but also help to promote the unity and friendship among the practitioners attending. Sanguinetti Sensei usually combines the training at his Dojo with outdoor training at the beautiful setup of Hunter Park located in the vicinity of the Dojo. Training at the Dojo allows practitioners not only to take advantage of the benefits of the setup of a Dojo such as the proper equipment, wood floor, etc, but also to expose the participants to the proper protocol expected from training in a Dojo. On the other hand, outdoor training brings the practitioner to train in unity with nature and allow him/her to execute their techniques in a total different environment. For more information on the Annual Karate and Kobudo Gasshuku click here.


is one of the most popular activities at the Dojo among the youngsters. The special facilities of the Bushikan Dojo allow us to conduct this activity every other month since we have the combination of the first level traditional wood floor where children conduct their activities, and the comfortable soft mat of the second floor where the children can watch movies and sleep overnight. Even though the Dojo Sleep Over is an extra curricular activity that does not follow the traditional structure of a formal martial art class, children attending are instructed to treat the Dojo with the same respect as they do on a regular class day. As an important point, children attending learn to respect the Dojo in a wider way. Students attending this activity also develop a stronger bond with their doshi (fellow practitioners) for the extra time that they spend together. Another reason why Sanguinetti Sensei started this popular activity at the Dojo was to give our Dojo Parents the opportunity to enjoy a 'date night' with the confidence that their children are in good hands. For more information you can contact our Office Manager at


are offered to parents that have the interest to celebrate their child's birthday with a special activity at the Dojo. Parents interested in organizing a party, coordinate with our Office Manager the specifics of their plans. The duration of the party, quantity of participants attending, theme or setup desired, and type of refreshments provided are the most common items that have to be arranged prior to the activity. Sanguinetti Sensei will organize a workout with all the participants; regardless of age, gender, or previous martial arts experience, in the way that everyone not only learns something valuable, but also has a lot of fun. For more information please contact our Office Manager at


are promoted by Sanguinetti Sensei for his continuous desire to maintain a family environment at the Dojo. The seasonal parties strengthen the relationship between our students, and between Sanguinetti Sensei and all the Dojo family members. These events are also the perfect opportunity for the parents of the children at the Dojo to meet the adult students and vice versa. Sanguinetti Sensei's goal is to try to organize several throughout the year, but the two most attended parties are the Summer Party and the Holiday Party. As the name indicates, the Summer Party is organized during the summer season and involves a 'potluck party' where everyone attending contributes with a dish or refreshment. Due to the nature of the season, this party is usually organized at a park close to the Dojo where outdoor games and activities are organized for everyone attending. The Holiday Party is scheduled in December to honor the celebration of the joyous season by the different religions practiced by our Dojo family members.


are offered at the Bushikan Dojo for students that want to learn from Sanguinetti Sensei on a one to one basis. Also private lessons are offered on an individual basis to students in need of the extra support considering his/her progress attending the regular group classes. Parents of children attending to the Dojo that have concerns regarding their kids advancement can approach Sanguinetti Sensei any time to discuss the possibility of the addition of private lessons to their regular group classes. For more information you can contact our Office Manager at

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