The Bushikan Dojo Library is a project that Sanguinetti Sensei initiated many years ago. One of the main reasons why he committed to the task was to motivate his students not only to read and get educated about the martial arts, but also to provide them with tools that Sanguinetti Sensei did not have when he started his journey in the martial arts in 1972. Back in those days was almost impossible to have not only good martial arts printed material, but also videos or any other kind of educational material.

Sanguinetti Sensei strongly believes that nowadays there are no excuses to not be well educated in the martial arts with all the printed and audio visual material available on the market. Through his many years involved in the traditional martial arts Sanguinetti Sensei has had the opportunity to come across many Black Belts from many different schools and has been sadly surprised of the significant lack of basic knowledge of many of these practitioners of their own martial art history and fundamentals. With this in mind Sanguinetti Sensei is committed to make sure that his own students are well educated at least on the style of Okinawan Goju Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo taught at his Dojo.

Any martial art books donations are very well appreciated at the Bushikan Dojo. Please contact us if you can contribute to our library.


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