As part of Sanguinetti Sensei's commitment to education through his teachings at his Honbu Dojo in San Marcos as well as at all the events that he is invited to teach around the world, he emphasizes in the importance to learn and respect the culture attached to the practice of the Okinawan/Japanese arts of Karate and Kobudo. Naturally the Japanese terminology and sometimes the Okinawan Hogen (Okinawan dialect) are intrinsic part of Sanguinetti Sensei’s teachings. He strongly believes not only that a practitioner of the traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial arts will understand his/her art better if he/she learns the proper terminology in the native language, but also it is a great opportunity to learn a new language.
In California alone children attending public school more than likely will not get exposed to a foreign language, and if they are it will happen during High School level for an average period of 2 years. Unfortunately if those children did not have any previous experience with a foreign language more than likely they will have problems to learn because their brains are not accustomed to it.

At the Bushikan Dojo all children and adults starting as young as 3 years old are taught not only the terminology necessary accordingly to their age and rank but also the proper etiquette of the Arts in Japanese. When Sanguinetti Sensei brings Japanese/Okinawan instructors to teach at the Bushikan Dojo they really appreciate that even though the students are not fully skilled in the Japanese language they are very capable to show the proper respect to the visitors in Japanese as well as to completely understand the terminology used during training.

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