Sanguinetti Sensei's strong commitment to education is reflected in the Bushikan Reading Program. Our program was created with the main purpose to motivate the children at our Dojo to read. Sanguinetti Sensei believes the more that our children read the more educated they will be; and in the end, be better equipped to be a productive member of our society.
The Bushikan Reading Program relies primarily on the books that we have at our Bushikan Library, but the children participating can bring their own books to read if they choose.

The Program initially started by focusing to encourage our children at the Dojo to get involved reading during Summer Vacation , but the idea of the Program is to continue with the same function through the school year. The extra benefit of the Reading Program is to get our own Dojo parents involved helping with the sessions.

Sanguinetti Sensei is always looking forward to increase the size and quality of the books, manuals, and videos at the Bushikan Library to continue providing with a better source of information to our members, so if any one is interested in donating any material he would appreciate it greatly.


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