This is another of the activities that Sanguinetti Sensei conducts in his continued desire to promote education among the members of his Budo Family. Every other year on the odd numbered years Sanguinetti Sensei takes a team from his organization to train in the birthplace of Karate and Kobudo. The trip usually but not always involves training in Karate and Kobudo, visits to historic places on the island as well as tourist locations.

Team members traveling with the group will have the opportunity to train martial arts as well as to learn about the ancient and rich Okinawan culture. Sanguinetti Sensei always encourages travelers to take the opportunity to learn as much as they can during their stay; from the technical aspect to the cultural. Just the simple but respectful way of living demonstrated by the Okinawans in daily life is worth to assimilate.

Visitors during this trip will not only get exposed to the Japanese language but also to the native dialect of Okinawan hogen having the opportunity to practice it on a daily basis. As part of the whole experience travelers will have also enough opportunities to shop for souveniers as well as martial arts uniforms and equipment during the visit. Spouses and relatives are very welcome to travel with the team.

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