Through the years of teaching children and adults at the Bushikan Dojo, Sanguinetti Sensei has come to the realization that parents accompanying their children to the Dojo every day will benefit if they also understand the many concepts proper to the traditional martial arts taught at the Dojo. Many of the daily routines at the Dojo as the 'sooking gake' or Dojo floor cleaning can be seen by parents or visitors as the mere action of cleaning the training area before the training, but they will be missing the main point of forming the students character making him more humble.

With this in mind Sanguinetti Sensei has developed a video presentation for all the parents and visitor to view during the time of the Dojo classes on the monitor in the visitor room. Through this video presentation parents will not only gain knowledge of important points of the traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial arts not common to western society, but hopefully also be exposed to simple but important concepts that they may incorporate in their children's education in their daily lives.


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