Sanguinetti Sensei in his continuous desire to promote the traditional martial arts of Karate and Kobudo and to expose practitioners from all over the western world to the roots of these two Arts is taking again a team to practice to their birth place in Okinawa, Japan.

The main focus of this trip is to introduce the team members travelling with Sanguinetti Sensei to dedicated Karate and Kobudo Okinawan instructors from different ryuha (schools).

In Karate the team will be practicing in the styles of Okinawan Goju Ryu, Shorin Ryu and Uechi Ryu. In Kobudo the team will be practicing in the legendary style of Matayoshi Kobudo.

Also the team will have the opportunity to train at the brand new Karate Kaikan Hall and the legendary Budokan Hall in Naha.

The trip also will include visit to historical martial arts places as well tourist locations in Okinawa.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to travel and train at the birthplace of the Okinawan martial arts of Karate & Kobudo. Practice at the brand new training facility the Karate Kaikan Hall and at the famous Budokan Hall in Naha. Train at Seiki Gibo Sensei dojo and Koushin Kamura Sensei dojo in Itoman, at Kazuo Tajima Sensei dojo in Naha, etc. Visit historical cultural locations around the Island.
Train Uechi Ryu with Senaga
Sensei at his dojo in Itoman
Train at the traditional Okinawan
Goju Ryu dojo of Gibo Sensei
Train Shorin Ryn with Tajima
Sensei at his dojo in Naha
Train Matayoshi Kobudo with
Kamura Sensei in Itoman
Visit historical martial arts
places in Okinawa


Franco Sanguinetti Sensei
Bushikan Budo Kyokai (BBK)
Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International (MKKI)
1945 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Suite D
San Marcos, CA 92078 * (760) 744-5560  

  Members: $3,500.00 (*)
  Non-Members: $200.00 Additional
  (*) Fees are subject to change before departure date

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Round trip air fare Los Angeles/Okinawa/Los Angeles.
Departure from Los Angeles September 17 & return Sep. 26, 2020.
Hotel accomodations in Naha between Sep. 18 & Sep. 25, 2020.
Karate & Kobudo training at the Budokan, Karate Kaikan, Kamura Sensei dojo, Gibo Sensei dojo, Tajima Sensei dojo, and more.
Daily transportation to all training locations.
Sightseeing to cultural places in Okinawa (some extra fees may apply)
  (*) Fees are subject to change before departure date
  (*) Additional fees may apply
  (*) Final training agenda will be distributed upon arrival in Okinawa  

1945 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #D
San Marcos, CA 92078 - USA
(760) 744-5560
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Bushikan Budo Kyokai

Okinawa - Japan
September 17 ~ 26, 2020