The Bushikan karate logo is based on the simplicity of the Japanese kanji of Ki surrounded by a solid circle. The character Ki represents the vast concepts of spirit, energy, and mind. These three concepts are very interrelated not only in the marrtial arts but also in the Bushikan Dojo. One of them without the others will lose the main purpose of the training.

Spirit is what guides the practitioner through the difficult way of Budo. It ultimately brings out the optimal increase of their internal energy. Ki as a concept of energy has such a profound meaning that it has been the subject of numerous studies by many martial artists. They point out the enormous importance of Ki in the different martial arts. The extent of the meaning of Ki ranges from the concept of the simple sense of the energy transmitted during a regular training session between the Sensei (instructor), and the gakusei (students), to the concept of the physical and mental internal energy developed by the practitioner expressed and materialized in the actual waza (technique), depending on the martial art practiced.The solid circle enclosing the character Ki represents the confinements or preservation of the concept of Ki within ourself.
The karate-gi (uniform) worn at the Bushikan Dojo is the traditional shiro gi (white uniform). The white color in the martial arts represents purity in the heart of the practitioner of the arts; purity to keep the budoka (martial art practitioner) away from developing an ego or arrogance that will blur his/her dedication through the practice of Budo. The well-known all white gi is closely associated with traditional Karate. The Bushikan Logo is worn on the left side of the karate gi.



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