Matayoshi Kobudo is a weapons school that is characterized, among other attributes, for the power of its techniques. This development is acomplished focusing on the concept of the use of body power rather than muscle power. Sanguinetti Sensei's experience in the martial arts has allowed him to develop an innovative training of hojo undo (supplementary equipment) in Kobudo to help practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of the execution of a technique with a Kobudo weapon. Sanguinetti Sensei incorporates in the regular Kobudo training the use of nagai chiishi (long stone lever weight), and Bushikan makiwara (striking post) as part of the hojo undo set.

Nagai chiishi: this hojo undo equipment is based on the concept of the chiishi used in Karate (see Karate Hojo Undo) but applied to the use of Kobudo weapons. Supplementary exercises with nagai chiishi helps to strengthen the grip and wrists, but mainly benefits the practitioner by understanding about the rotation of the body to be able to develop a proper technique with penetration. Training with this equipment also helps to develop good balance and very strong stances.

Bushikan Makiwara™: this is the humble contribution that Sanguinetti Sensei has given to the martial arts as a result of his experience in the Budo ways. His Bushikan Makiwara™ is an ideal tool for Kobudo practitioners, regardless of their level of experience or power. Beginners benefit by practicing on this hojo undo equipment from the simple fact that they are able to repeat over and over their kihon waza (basic techniques) at their own pace learning important aspects of Budo such as proper distance to impact their target, correct balance and posture of their stances, and optimize the development of the correct impact and penetration of each technique. Advanced practitioners will be able to move ahead from these basic concepts and look to perfect their techniques. Accuracy, speed, penetration and power are easier to accomplish through a consistent training over the Bushikan Makiwara™. For example, most Kobudo practitioners have a difficult time trusting their skills on nunchaku. Steady training over the Bushikan Makiwara™ will allow the practitioner to develop the skills necessary to be able to control the weapon after striking an object without hurting oneself.



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