The practice of kata are very important in the Matayoshi Kobudo system. Kata, as in any important traditional martial art, represent the core and heart of the school. In the system of Matayoshi Kobudo, kata also pay tribute to the long and hard work that Matayoshi Shinko Sensei spent traveling to learn the diffrent weapons arts that are part of the ryuha nowadays. It was in Okinawa, Hokkaido, and China that Matayoshi Shinko Sensei received the majority of his exposure and training in various weapons arts that he used to formulate his school. First Matayoshi Sensei learned Bo-jutsu, Sai-jutsu, Kama-jutsu, and Ueku-jutsu in Gushikawa Village in Okinawa. Later, also in Okinawa, in Chatan Town, he learned the arts of Tunkua-jutsu and Nunchaku-jutsu. In Manchuria he gained exposure in the arts of Ba-jutsu (bow and arrow while riding a horse), Shuriken-jutsu, and Nagenawa-jutsu (rope throwing). In Shanghai he learned the arts of Nunti-jutsu, Timbe-jutsu, and Suruchin-jutsu.

Down below, the official kata taught at the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International are listed in order for the first four weapons as they are being taught also in Okinawa at the present.

  Shushi No Kun
  Choun No Kun
  Chikin No Kun
  Sakugawa No Kun
  Shiishi No Kun
  Nicho Sai
  Sancho Sai
  Shinbaru No Sai
  Tunkua Dai Ichi
  Tunkua Dai Ni
  Nunchaku No Kata
Nunti Bo:  
  Nunti No Kata
  Chikin Aka Chu No Ueki Di
  Kuwa No Kata
  Tinbe No Kata
Sansetsu Kon:  
  Sansetsu Kon No Kata
  Kama No Kata
  Suruchin No Kata
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