The MKKI Logo ™ is based on the flower of Kiku or chrysanthemum, which represents the Japanese Imperial Crest. Matayoshi Sensei is the only Okinawan martial artist honored by the Emperor of Japan to use the Imperial Flower as a symbol of his organization. The inside of the logo contains the symbol Mitsu Domoe that represents the Imperial Okinawan Sho dynasty crest. With this, the Matayoshi Kobudo logo represents the blend of the Japanese and Okinawan cultures.

The gi worn for Kobudo training at the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International is the characteristic kuro-shiroSai gi or black jacket with white pants.

This combination of black & white gi is the official uniform worn at MKKI Honbu Dojo in Okinawa, the Kodokan. It represents the balance in nature illustrated in the eastern cultures as the Ying and Yang; the opposite forces in life.

This interpretation of the balance of forces is found in many different lines of martial arts or styles that emphasize in such simple but deep concepts. Without looking too far away, this is the principle or foundation of the style of Karate Goju Ryu (see Goju Ryu). Go represents the concept of hardness, earth, while Ju expresses the opposing concept of softness, heaven.


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