Kama- jutsu is also called "Kama nu ti". About 700 years ago, in King Eiso's reign, agricultural tools such as hoes and sickles began to be made of iron. Along with these farm tools, many weapons were imported from mainland Japan and China in that era. Kama was first used as a weapon by farmers around 1314 A.D. when warriors and farmers rose up against King Tamagusuku's oppression. As a result, three chieftains were established.

Today's Kata came into being after Chinese martial arts were brought into Okinawa. In this jutsu, a pair of Kama are used separately or connected with a string. There was also a Kama attached to a 150cm Bo. The effect of a Kama increases when used in a pair. In fighting, another Kama is hidden behind the back for throwing. The angle of the Kama to its handle is 90 degrees, but it can be 30, 45, or 60 degrees when used in a pair, increasing its killing efficiency. It is said that even sword masters avoided fighting Kama masters. The late Shinko Matayoshi Sensei, was so skilled at this Kama-jutsu that he was referred to as "Matayoshi the Kama".

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