Manji Sai is a weapon that mainly is to be used in conjuction with Nunti Bo (please see Nunti-Jutsu). The common way to carry this kobudoweapon is in a set of two, primarily hidden in the belt or sash. The great similarity of Manji Sai with the regular Sai allows the person carrying this weapon to use it as a Sai, this means to attack or defend, or to be thrown at an opponent. The main differences between the Manji Sai and the regular Sai resides in the tsuka (handle) and the opposite direction of one of the tsuba (prong) of the Manji Sai. It has been actively practiced in Okinawa as a martial art for a long time. This technique was handed down to the late Shinko Matayoshi Sensei by Kingai Sensei in Shangai, China.

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