It is thought that women invented Nunchaku to defend themselves after Satsuma's subjugation of the Ryukyu Kingdom about 380 years ago. The idea of making this weapon originated with the tool, which peels off the bark of Abaca (banana tree) for weaving. However, in Fuzhou China, there was a weapon called "Nisetsu Kon" or "Ryosetsu Kon" but pronounced "Nunchaku" in dialect. Its technique has a long history and is similar to Sansetsu Kon. Therefore, this Nunchaku jutsu seems to be influenced from Fuzhou China.

Also called "Sosetsu Kon", Nunchaku is a pair of wooden sticks, usually made of oak, tied together at one end by two strings. The art of Nunchaku was developed for self-defense. Easily concealed, similar weapons are still used today in guerrilla war in Korea and around Southeast Asian countries.

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