This martial art was derived and developed from the art practiced in Shanghai China. There is a legend in Tsuken Island that in the Ryukyu Kingdom era, a samurai (warrior) called Chikin Uekata Masanori was defeated in contention for the throne. He was to be executed by being sunk in the sea. However, since he was a Bo expert, the executor couldn't bring himself to carry out the sentence. So he asked a fisherman named Asato to take care of this samurai in secret. Asato learned Bo techniques from Uekata but soon surpassed him and became a Bo expert. Asato was called "Chikin Akachu" because he had a red sun burnt face.

Ueku is an oar for a boat. Fishermen created techniques to defend themselves from the attacker who had swords, spears, or Bo. The blade becomes a tremendously powerful weapon. This is a weapon well suited for "me-tsubushi" (to blind) kicking up beach sand. Ueku is a sword to fishermen.

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