Sanguinetti Sensei's understanding of the meaning of a 'Dojo Family' is clearly reflected in the way that the Bushikan Dojo is run on a daily basis. For him a Dojo should be a place where the practitioner comes to find something special in their lives; a place where parents find a strong support to the upbringing of their children; a place where parents know that adults at the Dojo will really be a role model for their children; a place where adults will find a real family. With this in mind and his own strong family upbringing Sanguinetti Sensei strives to maintain many activities outside of regular daily classes to create a real family environment for the students and their families. Among some of them:

Annual Gasshuku's
Parents Night Out
Spring Break Camp
Summer Camps
Parents Participation Week
Teen Fun Day

Students Birthday Parties
Dojo Seasonal Parties
Private Lessons

the closest translation known in the western world is Training Camps, are promoted by Sanguinetti Sensei locally and around the world every year. He usually conducts two Annual Gasshuku's in Kobudo, one in Karate and one Special Karate Seminar annually at our local San Marcos Dojo. These kinds of events not only allow participants to develop more skillful techniques, but also help promote unity and friendship among the practitioners attending. Sanguinetti Sensei usually combines training at his Dojo with outdoor training at the beautiful Hunter Park located nearby. Training at the Dojo allows practitioners not only to take advantage of benefits such as the proper equipment, wood floor, etc, but also exposes them to the proper protocol expected from training in a traditional Dojo. Outdoor training encourages participants to train in unity with nature and allows them to execute their techniques in a different environment which can lead to a greater understanding of the material. For more information on the Annual Karate and Kobudo Gasshuku click here.


Parents’ Night Out is one of the most popular activities at the Dojo among the youngsters. The special facilities of the Bushikan Dojo allow us to host this activity every other month. The traditional wood floor gives us a large space to transform and utilize with different games and activities at each event. Even though Parent’s Night Out is an extra-curricular activity that does not follow the traditional structure of a formal martial art class, children attending are instructed to treat the Dojo with the same respect as they do on a regular class day. An important aspect of the evening is for children to learn to respect the dojo in a wider way, outside regularly scheduled classes. Students attending these events also develop a stronger bond with their doshi (fellow practitioners) due to the extra time that they spend together. Another reason why Sanguinetti Sensei started this popular activity at the Dojo was to give our Dojo Parents the opportunity to enjoy a 'date night' with the confidence that their children are in good hands and a safe environment. To sign-up for our next Parents Night Out please click here.


Spring Break Camp follows the continued desire of Sanguinetti Sensei to support our local community. The Bushikan Dojo offers spaces at this camp to both regular students of the Dojo and to those who have never practiced before. The Spring Break recess provides a good opportunity for children to explore different interests and often try something new or focus more thoroughly on a subject that interests them. Our camp provides a fun-filled week for all experience levels. The Bushikan Spring Break Camp provides a week of different activities ranging from training in Martial Arts such as Karate, Kobudo, Iai-Do and Self-Defense as well classes in Computers, Science, Arts & Crafts and Games. To sign-up for our next Spring Break Camp please click here.


Summer Camps – The Bushikan Dojo offers several weeks of educational and recreational camps during the Summer Break. The camps are open to Dojo students as well as to the surrounding community. Each camp provides a week of different, exciting activities that include training in Martial Arts such as Karate, Kobudo, Iai-Do and Self-Defense as well classes in Computers, Science, Arts & Crafts and Games. Science experiments will be attempted, games will be played and fun will be had! You can sign-up for our Bushikan Summer Camps by clicking here.


Sanguinetti Sensei’s strong sense of family orientation is demonstrated at the Bushikan Dojo during Parent Participation Week. We encourage our parents to participate in any and all of their children’s Karate classes during this week. This gives our students the opportunity to show and guide their parents through the daily training and exercises at the Dojo. It is the perfect opportunity for parents to better understand what their children learn every day in their classes through fun filled exercises and activities. It is a great week to get everyone onto the Dojo floor to teach, learn and have a great time. To check the next Parents Participation Week scheduled at the Bushikan Dojo you can click here.


After considering the challenges of our modern society and being a parent himself, Sanguinetti Sensei has created the Teens Fun Day at the Bushikan Dojo to help reinforce the values taught on a regular basis at the Dojo to our teenagers. His goal is to provide the teens at the Dojo with guidance when necessary and a safe and supportive environment full of like-minded teens and adults. Our goal is to help our teens make the right decisions when faced with tough situations. The idea of the Teens Fun Day is to periodically take our teens, as a group, to conduct positive and fun activities outside the Dojo. To check the next Teens' Fun Day scheduled at the Bushikan Dojo you can click here.


We offer Birthday Party packages for parents that wish to celebrate their child's birthday with a special activities at the Dojo. These parties are open to both current students and non-students and previous experience in Martial Arts is not required to have a great time. Interested parents will coordinate with our Office Manager to develop a special and unique party for their child. The duration of the party, quantity of participants attending, theme or setup desired, and type of refreshments provided are the most common items that will be arranged prior to the event. Sanguinetti Sensei will organize a workout for all the participants; regardless of age, gender, or previous Martial Arts experience, so that everyone learns something valuable, but also has a lot of fun. For more information please contact our Office Manager at:


Seasonal Parties are hosted by Sanguinetti Sensei as part of his continual desire to maintain a family environment at the Dojo. The seasonal parties strengthen the relationship between our students and all the Dojo family members as it allows students and families to mingle and talk. These events are also the perfect opportunity for the parents of the children at the Dojo to meet the adult students and vice versa outside the usual constraints of classes. Sanguinetti Sensei's goal is to try and organize several throughout the year, but the two most attended parties are the Summer Party and the Holiday Party. The Summer Party is organized during the summer season and is ‘potluck’ style, where everyone attending contributes with a dish or refreshment. Due to the usual heat of summer, this party is usually organized at a park close to the Dojo where outdoor games and activities are organized for those attending. The Holiday Party is scheduled in December to celebrate the joyous season by honoring the different religions practiced by our Dojo family members. We hope to see you at one of our parties soon!


Private lessons are offered at the Bushikan Dojo for students that want to learn from Sanguinetti Sensei on a one to one basis. They are also offered to individual students in need of extra support. Parents of children attending to the Dojo that have concerns regarding their child’s advancement can approach Sanguinetti Sensei at any time to discuss the possibility of adding private lessons to their regularly scheduled group classes. Adults also travel from all over the USA and from out of the country to have private lessons with Sanguinetti Sensei in both Karate and Kobudo. For more information you can contact our Office Manager at:

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