"Sensei Franco:

Thank you very much for conducting the Australian Gasshuku in Mandurah! Even though my body was sore my mind was filled with a greater sense of understanding the art of kobudo. The three of us have a renewed enthusiasm for training - thank you."

Karen Williams - Australia

"Sanguinetti Sensei:

I would like to thank you again for the great gasshuku you gave here in Mandurah. It was real inspiring. It inspired me to train harder and the intensity of three days hard training also re-inspired my karate as well.
I look forward to train with you again in the future."

Harry Bergeest - Australia

I just want to thank you for another great training experience. I greatly enjoy how you teach a whole experience: technique, application, history. It is a very rare thing you do."

Robert Johnson - USA
"Dear Sanguinetti Sensei:

Thank you for another wonderful seminar. I am grateful that you are so free with your knowledge. I feel I learn as much about being a good teacher as I do about Kobudo. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me!"

Drew Clinkenbeard - USA
"At 48 years old, 316 lbs., asthmatic, near high blood pressure and 5’11” tall, I was not the picture of health by any stretch of the imagination. I visited Sensei Franco at the Bushikan Dojo with my 7-year-old son who had expressed interest in Karate. My son decided to take Karate with Sensei through La Costa Meadows School with his classmates, and later joined the Bushikan Dojo where he is a full time student. Oddly enough, I found myself taking the free trial for a week and joining right away.

Sensei was extremely cautious with my health, only allowing me to gradually build up to where I could attend a full 2-hour class. My fellow students were beyond encouraging and didn’t make fun of my lack of physical ability. Instead they helped me to learn the techniques, taught me how to stretch to avoid injuries and gave me the confidence to try my best at each step of the way.

By the end of the first year, I no longer had high blood pressure and had dropped 50 lbs. in weight through regular Dojo practice. As I enter my second year, another 20 lbs. have dropped, and I’ve made more friends in this “family” of people than all the people I’ve met in my entire life.

It is said that a “Dojo” is a place where we find our way in life ~ this is true of Bushikan. There are not enough words, nor space with which to write the appropriate accolades about Sensei or “our” Dojo. The only way to understand and appreciate what is here is to come and experience it. I look forward to your visit at our Dojo and to become a Doshi (fellow student)".

Tim Page - USA
"Having lived for many years in the birthplace of Karate; Okinawa, Japan, I can assure you that no one epitomizes the true meaning of traditional Karate like Sensei Franco Sanguinetti and the Bushikan Karate Dojo. My 10 year-old son has trained with Sensei Franco in both Karate and Kobudo for over 5 years and I can honestly say that without Sensei Franco my son would not be the very accomplished karate-ka that he is today".
Mike Carnegie
"While I was a student at Mira Costa Community College I enrolled in a Self-Defense for Women class that Sensei Sanguinetti was teaching. At the age of 51 I took my first self-defense class. After four classes, I yearned to learn more about the Martial Arts. After that class I visited the Bushikan Dojo almost six years ago and have never left. Sensei Sanguinetti is an accomplished martial artist and superb chief instructor. The philosophy and traditions of the Martial Arts are alive at the Bushikan Dojo. Despite my age, bouts with arthritis, and other medical problems, I am now an assistant instructor at the dojo and I am honored by the position. Sensei Sanguinetti’s teachings have impacted me in numerous ways. I am more active, aware, and stronger than I have ever been in my life. Following the path of the Martial Arts with Sensei Sanguinetti has taught me to live in the present and savor every moment".
Kathy Krass
"I cannot even begin to express the deep gratitude that I have for Sensei Franco and his deep understanding of not only the technique of martial arts, but also more importantly, the spirit behind the art. He truly is a modern day master and is as humble as he is skilled. Sensei Franco is a great teacher and mentor for anyone interested in practicing traditional martial arts. I have learned much from him in spirit and technique and am very thankful for having him as my Sensei".
David Walker
"Our children have responded to Sensei Franco’s Karate in many positive ways that we never imagined at the outset of joining the program. While we started out looking for an early approach to simulating motor skills development and focusing of energy, we found so much more. First and foremost is the set of positive values that span all aspects of their lives: respect for teachers, self and others; consideration and caring for others; and high self-esteem deeply rooted in continuous development of skills, knowledge, and interpersonal
interaction, confrontation and physical capability. And all this is in the setting of a friendly, fun and caring environment. We are very pleased to have become a part of the program and the people.".
Karen and Bill Herr
"Our daughter started studying at the Bushikan Karate Dojo with Sensei Franco during kindergarten as part of the curriculum of Discovery Isle. After kindergarten she stopped her lessons for about a year and a half. At this time there were several incidents in the news where adults had hurt local children. These incidents bothered my daughter and she requested to study Karate again. The martial art taught by Sensei Franco is not for people who want to teach their kids how to “beat up” somebody. Sensei Franco strives to develop the spiritual and mental side of Karate as well as the physical. I believe that this type of development is better for the real worth in that hopefully dangers can be recognized and avoided rather than simply met. Sensei Franco teaches in a traditional method where the ranks are earned and not given away. This means that most children have the same “belt ranking” for at least a year. If you are the type of person that measures progress by external factors then you would not be satisfied with this traditional method. If you are the type that measures your progress internally, against yourself, then you will thrive with this method. I believe that teaching people to measure themselves by their own standards will also help in life".
The Stubblefields
"My son and daughter have both grown strength wise and mentally. Karate has been great to keep them active along with making them more confident in public settings".
Trena Doan
"My son Pierce has become much more disciplined and respectful since he has enrolled in the Bushikan Karate Dojo. He never wants to miss a class"
Zandra Parks
“Bushikan Dojo offers a physical and mental challenge coupled with a sense of purpose and tradition that is unmatched in San Diego County”.
Ted R.
“When I decided to train in the martial arts, I searched for six months trying different styles and schools. I was looking for a challenging as well as a traditional martial art. My search took me to many schools and styles. I decided to train with Sensei Franco at the Bushikan Karate Dojo because the quality of instruction, facilities and other students were the best I came across. Sensei Franco’s passion for martial arts comes across in his teaching and always inspires me to push myself to do my best. Since I began my training at Bushikan one year ago, I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to focus as well as improved agility, balance and strength”.
Rocco Lovetere
“Goju Ryu is pure Karate –No whistles and bells– and Sensei Franco Sanguinetti teaches the full spectrum of the martial arts, enabling me to be the best I can be”.
John Chianis


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