These days, it is very common to find people whom are not involved in the martial arts, to have a distorted idea of what the Arts are all about, primarily for what is shown in so-called 'action movies'. With this in mind, typically many parents are afraid that if their children start practicing some type of martial arts, they are going to become aggressive and are going to misuse the self-defense skills learned by beating on brothers, sisters or friends.

Sanguinetti Sensei relieves parents from this natural fear by explaining to them that children with the correct instruction in the martial arts not only will become less prone to fight, but because the constant emphasis on the moral aspects and the physical nature of the Arts taught at the Bushikan Dojo, children will become better citizens and better athletes.

Sanguinetti Sensei's own daughter, Nicolla, is clear proof of his statement. He has taught martial arts to Nicolla since she was 3 years old, and now at the age of 25, Nicolla is not just an accomplished practitioner, but she is an excellent student at her university. In academics, she maintains a 4.0 GPA, meanwhile in sports she always qualifies for the teams that she tries out for because of the natural physical abilities that she has developed from the martial arts.

"I have trained Karate for over 23 years. Before coming to work at the Dojo I had finished college and worked at several rewarding veterinary jobs. Martial Arts have helped me become who I am today. I am disciplined, patient and respectful. I respect my elders and those trying to teach me what I don’t yet understand. Whether that is in a work environment or on the dojo floor, I feel as though I am always open to learning something new or improving on what I already do. I have trained off and on over the years as life took me away from San Diego and sporadically brought me back. I have always seemed to find my way back to the place where all of us kids learn to feel comfortable and to grow. I still continue to grow here and working with the next generation of Martial Artists allows me to help others as I was helped and to continue learning. Together we strive to become better people through the structure of Martial Arts and I am so happy to be able to give back what I was taught so many years ago.".

Nicolla Sanguinetti

Children at the Bushikan Dojo not only will learn to protect themselves, but because of this simple new element in their lives, it will be easy to perceive a noticeable increase in their self-esteem. Shy kids, constant targets by 'bullies' at schools, will learn to stand on their own against those types of people. The constant emphasis taught at the Dojo to respect themselves and others will be reflected in the way that they will treat people around them, and more than likely they will be less susceptible to get involved in drugs or gangs. Discipline imparted at the Bushikan Dojo will be a good foundation for children to follow parents' instructions at home to conduct chores assigned to them, as well as homework requested by teachers at their schools.

Adults involved in the practice of the martial arts at the Bushikan Dojo not only will benefit from learning the self-defense skills practiced, but also will enjoy the unique sense of 'family' among the practitioners. The regular practice of the martial arts allows for an increase in physical well-being, helps to lose weight and provides a good basis for aerobic and strength conditioning. The martial arts can also aid adults in developing a better sense of personal discipline, which can be used to increase mental focus and help reduce stress at work, school, and in their daily lives. Adults can begin training at any age. Regardless of physical condition, sports ability, or age, Sanguinetti Sensei will structure the exercise and training to the individual student.


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