Self-Defense is an art by itself within the ranges of learning to protect ourselves. In the past, the practice of self-defense was considered and practiced primarily by individuals whose daily activities required the knowledge of such skills to protect themselves.

It is sad to say that in these modern times learning self-defense is now a matter of necessity for both young and adults. Just a few years ago, it was inconceivable to many parents to teach young children the fundamentals of self-defense. This has changed with the new boldness that child predators have demonstrated right here in our own communities.

Sanguinetti Sensei's extensive experience in the martial arts, his understanding of the necessities proper of our days, and his constant desire to get involved with our community has helped him to develop a comprehensive and effective self-defense program. The program can be easily adjusted and taught to children and adults from every single level. As proof of this accomplishment, Sanguinetti Sensei teaches both children and adults, not only in the community of San Diego but also across the country. His commitment to our community can easily be seen in the implementation of his program at different levels.

His comprehensive program teaches children and adults of the importance of being aware of their surroundings at all times as the main part of the concept of prevention.

Also his program has been proved to be very effective due to the simple application of correct self-defense techniques on strategic vital points over the assailant's body, regardless of the gender, age, size, or weight of the person defending themselves.

Sanguinetti Sensei's Self-Defense Program can be seen being implemented through our local community at many different levels at:


Day Care Level: Discovery Isle Child Development Center
Elementary School Level: Carrillo Elementary School
  Discovery Elementary School
  La Costa Meadows Elementary School
  San Elijo Elementary School
Private Level: Private Companies
  Private Seminars

His self-defense program has been implemented on a regular basis in some of these locations. In addition to these regular programs, Sanguinetti Sensei has been invited to conduct seminars and workshops by private companies and at special events.

One of the major accomplishments of Sanguinetti Sensei's commitment to the local community has been the implementation of his self-defense program by Dr. Larry Maw, Superintendent of the San Marcos School District to be taught at some of the local elementary schools...Link


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