Sanguinetti Sensei is regularily invited to teach his Self-Defense Program to employees from corporations, companies, and professional groups at their private sites. Sanguinetti Sensei personalizes the implementation of the program for the best benefit of the participants depending on the reason of soliciting the course and the logistic conditions surrounding the training. Corporations, companies in general, and professional groups especially having large numbers of employees, and even more noticeable entities with a majority of female members, are more and more looking in providing a better work enviroment for them. Part of these better conditions involve concern for their safety and well being. Sanguinetti Sensei's Self-Defense Program ranges from supporting groups with the need to teach their members how to walk at night in dark parking lots, to what to do if they are attacked in they own offices, to what to look for if they are traveling for business. Participants will not only learn how to react correctly if the need arises, but more importantly, they will learn how to prevent from putting themselves in any dangerous situation. Sanguinetti Sensei will also tailor the program to fit the logistic and physical conditions of the group requesting the implementation of his program. He will suggest the best way to approach the training depending on the time and physical space available for training. Some corporations, companies or groups will have less or more limitations to be able to accommodate their members in the same location to be able to conduct the necessary training. On the other hand physical space and time available for training facilities can be difficult to obtain but Sanguinetti Sensei will work to obtain the best results possible.


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