Sanguinetti Sensei's constant commitment to help our community is reflected not only in all the classes that he teaches on a regular basis at the Bushikan Dojo and in the different locations where he instructs, but also making himself available to support groups or individuals that cannot attend his already established classes. One of his most precious memories is related to a one day seminar that he taught at the Bushikan Dojo to a group of teen-age girls from Orange County. The group chose to drive one hour and a half hours each way to come to train with Sanguinetti Sensei. This particular group was guided by the mother of one of the girls who understood the necessity of a teen-age girl to learn the skills of self-defense. The group was instructed by Sanguinetti Sensei for four hours on many subjects related to self protection. They were taught aspects from the simple fact of how to be aware of their surroundings to the physical concept of how to deliver an effective self-defense technique if the need arises. The seminar was conducted on Saturday afternoon, Monday morning Sanguinetti Sensei received a phone call that Sunday morning one of the girls that participated in the Saturday seminar was attacked by a man while jogging by herself around her house. The phone call was to let him know that the girl not only got out of the dangerous situation safely, but she also made the arrest possible of the predator who attacked her. Later on the girl's family found out that the attacker had just raped another girl before he approached her while jogging. The girl was able to save herself because of the instruction she had received the previous day. Real stories such as this one make Sanguinetti Sensei keep trying to educate and reach as many people as possible, especially children and women whom unfortunately are more often the target of predators that do not hesitate to harm their victims in order to obtain their goals.

Sanguinetti Sensei's philosophy resides in the simple concept that if more and more possible targets are educated in the art of self-defense, less and less predators will have the opportunity to be successful in their attempts to hurt them.


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