As part of Sanguinetti Sensei's commitment to promote education through the practice of the traditional martial arts he also contributes sharing his humble knowledge writing on his own and supporting other writers with information or photos. As part of his work Sanguinetti Sensei has written a book in Karate, articles in martial arts magazines, and articles in school newsletters.

Sanguinetti Sensei is also the editor and a contributing writer of the MKKI Newsletter, contributing writer for the Newsletter at the Shorei Shobu Kan and the Intercontinental Bujutsu Federation, among many other publications.

Author of the book Fundamentos de Goju Ryu. Sanguinetti Sensei wrote this book with the purpose to introduce practitioners of the martial arts to the basic concepts of the traditional style of Karate of Okinawan Goju Ryu. This publication adresseses subjects such as general history of Karate, history of Okinawan Goju Ryu, and traditional Japanese vocabulary. The book also introduces the reader to some of the technical aspects of this ancient style describing tachi kata or proper stances, kihon or basics techniques, kumite or sparring, and more. The book is written in the Spanish language.

Sanguinetti Sensei has written many articles for martial arts magazines on topics related to Karate and Kobudo. In between some of his favorite articles are the ones that he published in Bugeisha Magazine. On the topic of Kobudo upon the death of his Kobudo Sensei, Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei, he wrote an article in his memory. The article was dedicated to paid tribute to his long life commitment to the martial arts and the importance of his legacy to generations to come. In another of his articles Sanguinetti Sensei addressed the future and promotion of Matayoshi Kobudo in the USA in connection with the Honbu Dojo in Okinawa, the Kodokan. On the topic of traditional Karate Sanguinetti Sensei wrote an article for the Bugeisha Magazine describing the practice of the hojo undo equipment of Chiishi and its connection with past. Chiishi is one of the most important supplementary excercises or Hojo Undo of Okinawan Goju Ryu, but yet largely unknown among traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu practitioners.

of the MKKI Newsletter. This publication is available every year on a quarterly basis. Sanguinetti Sensei produces this newsletter not only with the idea to keep all the MKKI Family Members informed of news within our organization, upcoming events and general information regarding the organization, but also equally important to keep all our members connected as a family throughout the world. As our organization has grown to have members in 14 countries around the world, Sanguinetti Sensei believes that it is important that no matter how far our members are from our Honbu Dojo (Headquarters), they should feel close knowing what is going on so it is the function of the MKKI Newsletter to do just this.

Sanguinetti Sensei also supports traditional martial arts organizations that he is affiliated with as a contributing writer sharing his humble knowledge and experience through these associations newsletters. Among some of the newsletters that Sanguinetti Sensei writes articles for are the Sho Rei Sho Bu Kan Budo Organization based in Nebraska, USA and for the Intercontinental Bu- jutsu Federation with headquarters in Europe. Both of these martial arts organizations utilize their periodic newsletters as a way to keep their members informed of past and upcoming events within the organization as well as a form of educating them providing articles of interest and valuable for their upbringing in way of Budo.

Since teaching children and helping them grow to become better citizens is one of Sanguinetti Sensei first priorities of his work, he has contributed writing articles for schools such as Carrillo Elementary School. As he teaches Karate in the school on a regular basis through the After School Program and his Bushikan Self-Defense Program during the Physical Education period, his writings through the school newsletter have been a way to reinforce the positive message that he transmits through his classes. This is also a good way for parents at the school that do not have regular contact with Sanguinetti Sensei to have the opportunity to read about his philosophy and the message that he always tries to transmit to the children that take classes from him.

As part of Sanguinetti Sensei's commitment to promote the traditional martial arts through written education he also supports other instructors with the same desire providing them with information and/or photographs to compliment their publications. Some of the publications that Sanguinetti Sensei has contributed to are the books The Way of Kata writed by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder, and the book Martial Arts Instruction written by Lawrence A. Kane. Both publications were written by accomplished martial arts instructors that are as committed as Sanguinetti Sensei to provide readers interested in learning about the traditional Okinawan/Japanese martial arts philosophy and ways of training. Sanguinetti Sensei contributed to the authors providing them with photographs for both publications.

As part of Sanguinetti Sensei's knowledge of the traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial arts and his reputation as a practitioner and instructor he has been asked to review publications of other martial artist writers and on other ocassions to forward their work. One of the publications that Sanguinetti Sensei was asked to forward was the A Goju Ryu Guidebook by Michael Cogan. This work is dedicated to the study of Okinawan Goju Ryu describing dojo etiquette, vocabulary, Goju Ryu history through milestones, traditional hojo undo description, and testing guidelines. The publication also addresses kihon, kumite, kata and kata bunkai among many other important subjects related to the practice of Okinawan Goju Ryu.

Acknowledgement for Sanguinetti Sensei's dedication to the traditional martial arts can be found in publications by renowned authors and instructors such as in the book Okinawan Karate written by Mark Bishop or the book History and Traditions of Okinawan Karate by Okinawan practitioner and writer Tetsuhiro Hokama. Publications such as the books The Way of Kata written by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder, and the book Martial Arts Instruction written by Lawrence A. Kane among others reflect acknowledgement for Sanguinetti Sensei's contribution to keep the traditional martial arts alive.


Sanguinetti Sensei assisted Morio Higaonna Sensei during the production of the educational video series Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Do by Panther Home Videos. These 24 individual chapters educational video series introduces viewers step by step to the complete range of training proper of Okinawan Goju Ryu. The videos material cover subjects such as rekishi (history), junbi undo (warm-ups exercises), hojo undo (supplementary exercises), kihon (basics), kata (imaginary fight), kata bunkai (kata application), and kumite (sparring)


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